What is Telecare?

Telecare is based on proven technology that links vulnerable people to 24/7 monitoring and response centres. It is an effective support service for people living in sheltered housing or in their own homes, regardless of location.

Most people are familiar with a Telecare service that links a householder to a call monitoring centre through the installation of a Base Unit and Alarm Pendant. Help is activated at the touch of a button on the base unit or on a pendant worn around the neck or wrist. The operator answering the call contacts for example the carer, keyholder, GP or the emergency services depending on the situation.

In sheltered accommodation there may be a Telecare response service which can be triggered from communal areas as well as in the individual homes.

Telecare also describes a full range of sensors and other equipment which help keep people safe in all parts of their home. 


We are a proud partner of Tunstall, the world's leading provider of Telecare solutions. Operating in 30 countries, Tunstall supports 2.5m people around the world. 

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The alarm unit (pictured above) is connected to our 24/7 response centre when you press one of the pendants (above right). In addition to this standard setup, we also provide a range of other Telecare solutions such as:

  • Flood Detector
  • Gas Detector
  • Fall Detector
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Bogus Caller Alert
  • Pressure Mats

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Monitoring Services

We provide a 24/7 response centre which is staffed by highly trained operators who support and help our clients. The operators are there to respond to triggered alarms or we can arrange for them to provide WELFARE or REMINDER calls if required. Operators are able to speak with clients through the powerful microphones on the units to ascertain what action is required such as calling a carer, family member or the emergency services.



The Bellman Visit range is a cordless detection system that was designed to bring attention and warn people of events in their home environment. It helps those with impaired hearing, the deaf and onsite carers to detect various signas and alarms. 

Integrated into a well designed wireless system Bellman products can interface with our Tunstall alarms and sensors to provide additional support for hearing impaired Telecare users, or to provide a unique alerting solution for onsite carers.

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